Attaining Peak Performance

Scaling New Heights: Embracing New Challenges

Unlock Your Potential and Achieve Extraordinary Success with Personalised Executive Coaching

The more senior your position, the greater the landscape of possibilities and challenges, leading to increasingly complex and demanding situations.

How often do you step back to reflect on key business issues and evaluate your performance as a leader?

Olivia Graham is committed to helping professionals achieve personal fulfilment, sustainable success, and work-life balance. With over 20 years coaching experience, Olivia has successfully guided countless executives, entrepreneurs, and high-performers towards their goals, providing invaluable support in overcoming obstacles.

Olivia’s coaching approach is personalised and holistic, fostering a safe and supportive environment for growth and transformation. By bringing out the best in you, she empowers you to inspire and motivate your team, cultivate a positive work culture, and ultimately drive organisational success by considering the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders.

Services Offered:

Executive Coaching: Benefit from personalised one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to address your unique needs and goals. Read More

Career Development: Elevate your career to the next level through customised coaching focused on promotions, role transitions, and exploring new opportunities. Read More

Work-Life Balance: Discover effective strategies to manage stress, prioritise your well-being, and achieve a fulfilling lifestyle.

Power Hours: flexible on-demand sessions for those grappling with specific challenges. Gain valuable insights, a fresh perspective, and discover potential solutions in just one intensive hour. Read More

To start your journey towards scaling new heights, embracing fresh challenges, and experiencing transformative growth contact Olivia today.

What Clients Say

Thank you doesn’t even begin to convey my gratitude! I have to admit that originally, I was more than a little sceptical about how a block of coaching sessions with you could help me, but as they say, “the results speak for themselves . . .
I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking to undertake some coaching, as I have no doubts whatsoever as to the benefits they would gain. Thank you once again.

Grant Thornton


I know Olivia from London Business School, where she worked as coach for the study group I was part of. After making a career transition, I have worked with Olivia for two years. Olivia has helped me identify strengths and development opportunities in my behaviour in relation to my new role. Her coaching has helped me become effective in my role, reflect on my personality, my behaviours, and in general develop more empathy.  In some cases when stressed the sessions almost became therapeutic for me and I would leave much more composed and in balance. I thoroughly recommend Olivia for professional coaching and leadership development.



Olivia is a wonderful coach, particularly for those navigating the corporate world, with a need to connect personal growth to professional development. I trusted her and her work implicitly and continue to reap the benefits of her sessions with me, both in my daily work routine and in my growth as a person.


Clients include some of the top names in global business

Our clients are drawn from some of the top names in global business

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