The Many Branches of Leadership

Assessing Strengths and Skills

Leadership Assessment

The goal of leadership assessment is to gain increased understanding of an individual’s leadership abilities and potential, and to use that information to help them develop and succeed as leaders.

Leadership assessment is the process of evaluating the potential and capabilities of an individual or group of individuals. The assessment may involve evaluating skills, traits, behaviours, values, and competencies to identify the individual’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

The assessment can be conducted through various methods such as self-assessment, peer review, 360-degree feedback, interviews and psychometric tests. The results of the assessment can be used to identify areas for development, provide feedback for coaching, create development plans, and make decisions about hiring or promoting individuals to leadership positions.

Assessment can be a valuable tool for organizations seeking to build a strong and effective leadership team, and for individuals looking to improve their own leadership skills.  Identifying tomorrow’s leaders enables targeted development opportunities, which in turn allows for effective succession planning.

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What Clients Say

The preparation and the tools for the session were excellent. Olivia was very astute, and she exactly knew where to pinpoint me and which areas to focus on. Overall it was a very good session.



I did appreciate your contribution to my fantastic learning experience. You did a great job! To really change things however, is something I really have to do myself and you gave me some great ideas to realize these changes.

London Business School


Olivia had me do a lot of the talking and was really challenging and had me come up with ideas on how to address some areas that I need to improve upon (i.e. Defining my role better, working on developing and improving stakeholder relationships) which is a challenge given I am new. She really helped me to see a lot of the barriers in my head were really self-made barriers and helped me realize how I can overcome some of the challenges I am facing with actions I can take. It was very useful and I am feeling more positive about my role after that meeting.



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