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Executive Coaching Testimonials

Having spent 20 years ‘perfecting’ a number of quite poor working habits I didn’t realistically think I was ever going to improve in these areas – despite having worked with other coaches on these issues. However, as a consequence of Olivia’s honest coaching style along with her supportive and pragmatic approach I have finally started to make significant progress in improving my workplace performance.

Chief Advisor to Government

Thank you doesn’t even begin to convey my gratitude! I have to admit that originally I was more than a little sceptical about how a block of coaching sessions with you could help me, but as they say, “the results speak for themselves . . . I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking to undertake some coaching, as I have no doubts whatsoever as to the benefits they would gain. Thank you once again.

Grant Thornton


Olivia was great at pushing me to improve, to think about how I should be working and to practise what we had discussed. She helped me tackle specific issues but did so by giving me approaches that could be used in other circumstances. The practical solutions were invaluable particularly as these could be applied to other problems. I built up a range of techniques to support me.

Department of Trade and Industry

Civil Servant

You are currently working with one of my team to very good effect – thank you. I attach details of another individual who I would like you to work with.

Grant Thornton


Olivia is a wonderful coach. Guides you perfectly through your own mindset and helps you to overcome obstacles you never thought you would get out of your way!

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer


The coaching sessions by Olivia were wonderful and helped to give me a sense of purpose on specific action plans and how I can be a better and more effective leader.

London Business School

I am just writing to express my gratitude for the wonderful job you did of coaching me … My step from the Area Manager position to the Operations Director has been a real success and your coaching has given me the objectivity to understand the role and become a more inspiring leader. I would recommend your talents far and wide!

Restaurant chain


I would like to sincerely thank you for all the guidance and help you gave me. Through coaching, you gave me the opportunity to learn to think strategically and to be able identify things in my life that may be obstructing me from my goals and how to resolve them. All the knowledge and skills I gained during the process will help me propel my future.



Olivia adopts a friendly but challenging style and makes sure that I do the work of thinking through issues myself wherever possible, which I find very effective. Most useful session was when I needed help dealing with pressures on my time. She helped me to tackle my stress and suggested some useful coping strategies.

Department for Children, Schools & Families

Civil Servant

I found my coaching programme hugely beneficial. Olivia’s outcome focussed approach has challenged me to identify and take specific actions to address my development needs. As a result, I have been able to unlock potential in a number of areas and have much greater confidence moving forward.

MET Office

Civil Servant

I would like to thank Olivia for the wonderful life changing experience. I felt Olivia took a genuine interest in me as well as my development, and the sessions I had were beneficial personally and professionally. Olivia style is warm, caring and perceptive and it is evident that she had a wealth of experience and knowledge as a coach. Olivia knew when to push me to keep me on track and take me out of my comfort zone. This helped me to relax and feel comfortable in what can be an unnerving experience. After each session I left feeling energised and positive. The information I was sent was relevant, useful and timely and I have learnt tools which I can use and that will benefit me for the rest of personal and professional life.



Olivia is the best coach of this kind I have had. She was challenging in the best sense of the word.

London Business School


Power Hour Testimonials

Olivia’s coaching helped me see my way through a very tricky business performance issue. Her insistence on clarifying what I wanted to achieve meant that I ended up with four key goals for a difficult meeting – and achieved them all.
This session was really timely for me and I got a huge amount out of it. Olivia has sent me further useful information since and although I don’t know what the cost is, it seems to me this is great value for money as you get so much out of a really concentrated one to one session.
Olivia’s style with me was a very light touch. She let me do all the talking and only contributed when explicitly asked or if she felt a gentle nudge would be helpful. She was very good at the silent treatment waiting for me to say something. The result of the hour was several pages of notes I took for myself. All of the notes are valuable and relevant.
Thanks so much for your encouragement (boot in the backside, whatever way you look at it), it worked, and it is something I love doing which seems to have really struck a chord with people! – AM
Olivia’s approach to the session has helped me already to step back and review how I can work better, and to manage a difficult work situation much better for my staff and myself.
I found our session very helpful in terms of the influencing skills. I have already started the ‘coaching’ approach with my reportees, managers and with my wife as well. It seems to be working well.
I discussed my personal concerns and issues with Olivia in far more depth than I would have been comfortable discussing with either a line manager (no disrespect to my current line manager) or a permanent staff member. Olivia was able to ask really deep questions to make me consider options outside my previous thinking and showed me a couple of models that I haven’t seen before. Olivia showed a real interest in me with no ‘company’ agenda and after an hour session I have a number of specific actions which I intend to carry out over the next few months.
. . . I can’t begin to tell you how immensely grateful I am to you – yesterday’s conversation left me totally drained emotionally and also incredibly empowered! I felt emptied and re-filled at the same time! Since things have moved into place so quickly, and since I feel very comfortable and confident with the strategy outlined above, the ‘objective’ is in sight as it were, and as we said yesterday it would be great if I could call on you for the odd ‘Power Hour’.
First of all let me say great thanks for yesterday’s session. It was very helpful and inspired.

Personal Coaching Testimonials

I made it to the gym for the yoga class (… no stopping me now) it was brilliant so I now have two classes to get to each week! Definitely wouldn’t have persisted without your coaching and am so pleased I have – thank you!

Thank you so much for seeing me in my hour of need the other day. It was a great help . . . Anyway I thought you would like to know my job search has come to an end, for now. I start tomorrow, April Fool’s Day – I hope that’s not an omen! 

Thank you very much for your time and help this afternoon. I found it a rewarding experience and a much needed kick in the pants. 

I am extremely grateful to Olivia for her help with my career and my lifestyle. I arrived at the start unhappy with my job and unsatisfied with my work and social life balance. I left with the confidence of knowing what career area I was going to get into and far happier in my general lifestyle. Crucially, I learnt where my talents lie, which previously were not being used. Also, I learnt how to get things done in a structured manner.

Team Coaching Testimonials

Olivia, I must say, your efforts were really remarkable. We were lucky to have you as a coach. Thank you.

London Business School
EMBA Dubai

Thanks for your encouraging words, fantastic moderation of our group, and the guidance that has helped shape our lives to the positive.

London Business School
EMBA London

First of all, I’d like to thank you for the wonderful coaching sessions you gave us during the global leadership capacity.

London Business School

(Olivia was) Very supportive and quite challenging. Our group enjoyed the coaching sessions a great deal – especially week 2 and Olivia should take a lot of the credit for this.

London Business School

We are running a Study Group Health Check on . . . Given the extremely strong feedback you received from the course I wondered whether you would be available and interested in working with the students again?

London Business School

Many thanks for last week’s event it was gratefully received by all . . . I would like to enquire as to your availability for a follow up session with all the team in a few weeks time?

Advertising Agency
Managing Director

MBTI Testimonials

Thank you for a very informative introduction to MBTI… It was fascinating to learn about the different types, make a stab at what type I might be and see the humorous side via the cartoons and prayers! . . . It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for organising such a thought provoking and entertaining day.
Session useful in terms of understanding better how others may react, and the information/approach needed to best meet this. . . Made me aware of traits/manner in which I behave – both at work and at home. Helpful in identifying qualities in others which I should pay more attention to.
Practical sessions were fun and informative, showed similarities/differences within team. . . Trying to present an idea/objective for an opposite “type” was very instructive and made me think about how I currently do this informally and the need to present a rounded case at the outset – early engagement.
Session on communication, very cringeable (stet) to do but actually v. good. Would be good to explore further so that we can each identify more what we are not giving to others that they want.
A dawning awareness that I am part of a team which comprises not only many personalities – I knew that – but different ways of working that need to be made the most of, not resolved away.
Clear slides; humorous slides!; interesting topic; relaxed and natural presenter; clearly presented something complex”
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