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Power Hours​

Have you ever asked key employees “What keeps you awake at night?”

Sometimes a single problem can seem so overwhelming that, unable to see a way out or way ahead, productivity stalls.  The consequences can be critical, especially when senior individuals are affected. 

But what if a breakthrough solution could be uncovered in just one hour?

Power Hours are an innovative coaching concept developed by Olivia to help you and your employees overcome obstacles swiftly.  Anchored in the belief that time is precious, each Power Hour is laser focused on a specific challenge.  Concerns are discussed in confidence with an independent person free from corporate pressures – who listens without judgement, challenges assumptions, and acts as an impartial sounding board.

In just one hour, clients acquire valuable insights, unlocking depths of clarity that had previously eluded them.  This enables a fresh perspective on personal or organisational issues, empowering clients to discover potential options and solutions to their challenges. Clients leave sessions revitalised, motivated, and equipped with a concrete plan of action.   

What sets Power Hours apart is their exceptional flexibility and on-demand availability, making them ideal for individuals with demanding schedules and limited time.  

If you’re seeking assistance for yourself or your team with any of the following, Power Hours could be the answer.

Swift and efficient, Power Hours offer exceptional return on investment (ROI).  Even a modest 10% performance improvement can significantly impact the bottom line.  On-site Clinics can accommodate up to five individuals per day, maximising ROI while minimising opportunity costs.  Typically, Clinics are fully booked within an hour of announcement such is the demand for this type of support.   Moreover, on-demand phone Power Hours can be scheduled within 48 hours of request.

In summary, Power Hours serve as a safety net – a rapid response unit – for individuals grappling with issues and challenges. 

To discuss the possibility of introducing Power Hours to your organisation, please reserve 30 minutes in my scheduler at www.meetme.so/OliviaGraham for an exploratory chat.

If you would like to book a Power Hour, please contact Olivia for fees.


Power Hours FAQ

Power Hours are an intense, one-on-one coaching session focused on a challenge that is stressing you.  It could be anything from personal issues, management issues, learning and development issues, time-management issues, work-life balance issues. Problems are discussed openly and in confidence, and employees leave Power Hours confident and re-energised, having put the issue into perspective and discovered potential solutions to their concerns.

Power Hours are for managers kept awake at night by specific concerns, and employees who find themselves blocked by a specific concern and unsure of the way forward.

Typically coaching is concerned with developing new behaviours and/or skills, and requires a number of sessions (6-8) over a period of months. A Power Hour is one-off solution focused session at the time of need, to find optimal ways to move forwards or solve a specific challenge.

Consultancy and mentoring offer advice, and traditional coaching aims to change behaviour over time.  Advice is not offered during a Power Hour.  Rather through incisive questioning and challenging assumptions, the client quickly establishes their own priorities and finds optimal ways forwards.

Any current challenge or dilemma keeping you awake at night.

Identify the topic and reframe the issue as question. Be clear about what outcome you seek from the session.

Be open and honest. Take responsibility for your side of the coaching – don’t expect to have coaching ‘done’ on you, or to be given answers. Write down important ideas and actions that emerge as they occur; it’s up to you to keep notes that will be useful to you.

Yes.   The issue is personal to you, and the content of the session is never disclosed to a third party except with your express permission.  What you choose to reveal is at your discretion. If themes emerge after a number of Power Hours, these may be reported back to the organisation in an anonymous format. I have signed the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics and abide by its strict confidentiality rule.

What Clients Say

. . . I can’t begin to tell you how immensely grateful I am to you – yesterday’s conversation left me totally drained emotionally and also incredibly empowered! I felt emptied and re-filled at the same time!
Olivia’s coaching helped me see my way through a very tricky business performance issue. Her insistence on clarifying what I wanted to achieve meant that I ended up with four key goals for a difficult meeting – and achieved them all.
I want to specifically say thank you for your insights and support yesterday.  As evidenced it was a bit tough but the only way I knew to sort it was to lean in and do it. There have been tremendous learning from all this and my task Monday morning … is to put them to use. Again, thank you for your insights and support.
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