Handwriting can be to employers what fingerprints are to the police – helping them identify the right man or woman for the job (or promotion). Each handwriting is unique, hence the acceptance of a signature as proof of identity.

Graphology is not only used to help employers assess candidates for a job or promotion. For example Olivia Graham has:

Olivia has appeared on many national radio and TV programmes. She was visiting lecturer on The London Business School Sloan Programme for five years, and speaks at conferences both in the UK and overseas.

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See what our clients say…

“As I said for my recorded piece your analysis of my handwriting was dazzlingly accurate . . . I was quite taken aback by this amazing analysis . . . Thank you for being so accurate and perspicacious.”

BBC Radio 4 Bookshelf
Author Ruth Rendell

“The assessments that you undertook clearly demonstrated the role that graphology can play. I can assure you that as and when the need arises I shall contact you to tap into your expertise.”

FTSE 100 Industrial
Group Director HR

“I found (the reports) quite remarkably accurate . . . this will result in a decision to invite your professional assessment of a candidate whenever an appropriate situation arises.”

Executive Search

“I have to admit to being very impressed by what I read and confess that my views on graphology have changed.”

Top 10 Accountancy firm
National Director HR

“Both Chairman and Managing Director were staggered and very impressed by the accuracy of the impression.”

FTSE 100 Engineering

“I was most impressed by your rapid analyses . . . Compared with the sort of cost level for failure I believe your fees are very modest. I also believe your methods are less liable to fudging than the psychometric tests.”

FTSE 100 Construction

Chief Executive

“We have used Olivia Graham as a Consultant Graphologist and found that the analyses provided have been insightful and useful in manpower planning and recruitment. As a tool in helping to evaluate an individual’s potential and ability for a particular job, and inter-personal chemistry, her analyses have proved extremely useful in the personnel decision making process and helped in identifying strengths and weaknesses.”

FTSE 100 Financial Institution

Chief Executive

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